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Kategorije proizvoda

  • More than 1,500 Road Safety Audits
  • More than 500 Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Road Safety Inspections (RSI) of more than 500 km of national roads and motorways
  • Quality Audits, NMU Audits, RSIAs and TTM inspections
  • Investigations of collision occurrence on various sections of national roads and regional roads
  • Design of remedial measures for RSI defects
  • Design of collision countermeasures at high-collision locations
  • Design of route-length delineation on more than 1000km of national roads

We have carried out various road safety studies for state bodies, such as a study of roadside collision occurrence on the dual carriageway and motorway network, and have drafted technical documents such as the road safety inspection standard and guidelines and revisions to the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 7

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