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Roadplan Consulting Ltd. provides engineering consultancy services in road design, road safety and transportation assessment. Roadplan Consulting was established in late 2003 and operates from our offices in Kilkenny City. Our staff has a wealth of experience in all areas of the roads and traffic industry and serves the needs of a broad public and private client base. Our diverse project portfolio is managed by the following key personnel:


Dermot Donovan  BE CEng FIEI  

Managing Director  

Dermot has over thirty years’ experience in the planning, design and implementation of roads and transportation schemes, mostly in consultancy, but also with public bodies and civil engineering contractors in various roles, including with the National Roads Authority (now Transport Infrastructure Ireland), local authorities and private companies in Ireland and the UK. He has expertise in the practices and standards relating to road design and has presented expert evidence at Compulsory Purchase Order Oral Hearings, Planning Hearings and Valuation Arbitrations relating to road schemes.

George Frisby  BE CEng MIEI

Technical Director  

George Frisby is a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years’ experience. George has been involved in the planning, design, contract administration and construction-supervision of road schemes since joining Roadplan Consulting in 2004. He is experienced in the production of Traffic Impact Assessments, and has conducted over 400 Road Safety Audits (RSA Team Leader since 2013) and over 20 Road Safety Inspections on National Routes. He has extensive knowledge of the TII Publications, particularly in the area of collision investigation and road safety engineering solutions. George also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Safety in Construction in Trinity College in 2019 and carries out the role of PSDP Co-ordinator on various projects.



Roadplan Consulting is certified to the internationally recognised ISO Standards, demonstrating our commitment to providing a reliable, professional and quality service to all clients and their projects.


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