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Graiguenamanagh Urban Renewal


This was a high-quality urban improvement of the Main Street of Graiguenamanagh using granite kerbs, edgings and features together with Terrapave Rimini paving flags creating a simple mix of two materials in an uncluttered setting.

The works comprised of the undergrounding of existing services, junction modifications, new parking layout, foul sewer upgrading, reconstruction and widening of footpaths, upgrading of public lighting, traffic signals, traffic signs, road markings, landscaping and street furniture.

Public lighting was mounted on the building facades along the scheme because lighting columns would have cluttered the narrow streets.

Main Street floods frequently, so special bedding for paving flags was required to withstand floodwater.

Graiguenamanagh is a medieval town, and the works were located within a Zone of Archaeological Potential. Archaeological monitoring was done under licence, with the cooperation of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Main street is narrow and therefore it was not feasible to retain two-way traffic flow if footpaths were to be widened. As a result, a permanent one-way signalised traffic shuttle was installed as part of the scheme. The signalised traffic shuttle was modelled using OSCADY Pro to determine the maximum possible green phase duration/queue length given the existing and predicted future traffic flows. One-sided street parking was retained within the signalised shuttle and an innovative signal display system was devised whereby small size (110mm) signals were mounted at two locations along the parking bays where they would be visible to drivers exiting the parallel on-street parking spaces. The signal aspects show either an amber flashing arrow indicating the direction in which it is possible to exit the parking with care (go with flow) or a red indication when unsafe to exit.

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